Sunday, June 14, 2009

Know Your Assassins: #1 John Wilkes Booth

Who was John Wilkes Booth?

John Wilkes Booth was a famous actor, unrepentant egomaniac, white supremacist douche bag, and the first presidential assassin of the United States. He killed Abraham Lincoln on April 14 1865 at Fords theater in Washington DC.

Booths plan had originally called for the simultaneous assassination of President Lincoln, Vice President Johnson, and Secretary of State Seward. Johnson was supposed to be killed By George Atzerodt, a rather dull German immigrant who at the last moment lost his nerve and walked away (but was eventually hung anyway... so he might as well have gone through with it). Seward was attacked in his home by Lewis Powell, who just made a horrific mess of the whole thing, slicing away at anyone and everyone he could get his Bowie knife into, but ultimately failing to kill Seward.

In the end only Booth successfully killed his target.

After 12 days as a fugitive, Booth was eventually corner in a barn and shot in the neck by a man who was in all likely hood the only person more insane than Booth or any of his co-conspirators. The shot severed Booths spinal cord leaving him paralyzed, thus requiring that someone lift his hands before him so he could deliver his final words with the level of overly dramatic self importance that was the John Wilkes Booth standard of grandiose egotism.

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